Accomplishments of the RMCA are:

1.        Negotiating with the City to connect the homes of this community to the sewer system at one-half the regular cost to homeowners,

2.        Negotiating with the Coachella Valley Water District over several years to provide members and residents the ability to cross CVWD land to access the Bump ‘n Grind Trail ( Passes are required by property owners to hike the Community Trail at the end of Magnesia Falls Dr.),

3.        Lobbying and working with the City and others to build an attractive and safe sidewalk and bridge connecting the elementary school to the Library for students and community members to enjoy,

4.        Installing and maintaining three Magnesia Falls Cove signs on entry street corners in the community,

5.        Maintaining an active and helpful Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to inform realtors, escrow officers, homeowners, and potential home buyers of RMCA Rules and Regulations and City ordinances,

6.        Fulfilling escrow “demands” and property title transfers for potential home buyers throughout the community,

7.        Coordinating and patrolling with Code Compliance officers of the City to encourage and ensure owners’ and residents’ observance of City Codes,

8.        Establishing emergency preparedness plans and procedures, and purchasing three radio/telephones for use during emergencies, which are monitored and maintained by members throughout the community and City Hall Emergency Preparedness representatives,

9.        Developing effective working relationships with City Council members and offices to represent the interests, concerns, and needs of members,

10.        Installing Neighborhood Watch signs and security throughout the community,

11.        Motivating the City, and negotiating with it to construct the a wall on Sahara Drive to block noise, provide a buffer between residential and commercial interests, and ensure greater security for residents,

12.        Informing homeowners and residents of the City’s rental policies, and helping them comply with the regulations and requirements,

13.        Motivating and coordinating with the City to monitor speed limits and controls on streets within the community,

14.        Maintaining regular communications through several means with Association members, the City, potential home buyers, residents, and renters about a wide variety of issues,

15.        Ensuring mosquito abatement policies of the City are enforced for swimming pools left vacant seasonally,

16.        Routinely answering questions and fulfilling escrow requests, handling code compliance problems and providing communication affecting our Association. Contact:

17.        Working closely with the City’s Planning Department to limit the height of the Audi building, shield its A/C units so they would make less noise, and forbid parking by its employees and clients on Mirage Road and Sahara Road,

18.        Limiting the height of a proposed 45′ tall building on Highway 111,

19.        Opposing the City’s plan to discontinue trash pick-up service with Burrtec, in favor of other means and service through the City, and supporting an outpouring of members and citizens in favor of the current Burrtec service and its employees who serve our community, in a meeting so large with City officials it had to be moved from City Hall to an auditorium at the hospital, and

20.        Developing an RMCA website to provide information and communicate with members about issues of concern to residents and owners. The website has been a goal of the RMCA since 2008